Joie de Vivre: Chen Cheng Mei

20 February - 23 March 2014
Lim Hak Tai Gallery

Born in 1927, second-generation Singapore female artist Chen Cheng Mei is known for her vivid coloured oil paintings and original spontaneous prints. Graduated from NAFA in 1954, Chen majored in Western painting and was mentored by Cheong Soo Pieng and Lim Hak Tai. Eager to improve her line-works, Chen also studied Chinese calligraphy under Chui Ta Tee. From the 1960s to 70s, Chen was one of the pioneers of the Ten-Men Art Group and travelled widely to primitive locations to gather inspiration. She depicted what she experienced into vivid artworks creating a refreshing style, which is unique, and naïve. Chen’s strength in painting has enabled her to be highly competent in printmaking as well. Featuring a selection of 50 works, this exhibition was a showcase of the evolution of Chen's artistic repertoire over the past five decades.


Exhibition opening on 10 March 2014, NAFA, Lim Hak Tai Gallery

Installation shot of ‘Joie de Vivre: Chen Cheng Mei’

Artist, Madam Chen Cheng Mei (middle) with Special guest, Mr Kwok Kian Chow (extreme left), artist, Mr Lim Tze Peng (left), Director of Institute of Southeast Asian Arts and Art Galleries, Ms Bridget Tracy Tan (right) and Chairman of Visual Arts Cluster Advisory Board, Mr Koh Seow Chuan (extreme right)

(From left) Artist, Madam Chen Cheng Mei, Chairman of Visual Arts Cluster Advisory Board, Mr Koh Seow Chuan, Special guest , Mr Kwok Kian Chow, and artist, Mr Lim Tze Peng