evolving spaces: explorations on ageing-in-place solutions in Southeast Asia

SOAD Lecture
3 February 2016
Creative Media Studio

Teaching Workshops
30 March, 6 April and 13 May 2016
Room B5-03

Industrial Project (IP) Module Workshops
14 - 15 July 2016
Room B5-03

19 November - 6 December 2016
Lim Hak Tai Gallery

In an inaugural academic collaboration with the 3D Design Programmes, ISEAA invited renowned local architect and NUS adjunct professor, Mr Tay Kheng Soon to design a year-long programme for NAFA's 3D Design students that focuses on ageing-in-place solutions for Singapore.

The project took on a 3-part approach: in February, a SOAD lecture on "Aesthetics as Meta-grammar" was given to 140 3D Design students by Mr Tay who spoke about aesthetics as formal language fundamental to every designer. Between March to May, he conducted 3 sessions of teaching workshops for our 3D Design lecturers in which he unpacked presuppositions on logic and attempted to ‘reboot’ particular thinking processes on design and aesthetics. The teaching workshops were organised in anticipation for the next and final stage of collaboration where 22 selected students from Year 2 and 3 Landscape and Architecture and Interior and Exhibition programmes worked closely with Mr Tay through a 2-day workshop, a series of progress checks and site visits to create design-based solutions that considered for existing social, cultural and infrastructural settings to tackle challenges relating to ageing-in-place in Southeast Asia. The outcomes were showcased through models, storyboards and sketches in the exhibition, 'evolving spaces'.


Year 2 3D Design student, Hanif Fathony Najib presenting on potential home improvements for his grandmother's house in Indonesia, during the opening.

Special guest, Mr Tay Kheng Soon sharing his experience working with the students during the opening of 'evolving spaces'.

Year 2 3D Design student, Andreas Tanjaya presenting his group's final concept.

3D Design students and lecturers with Mr Tay Kheng Soon on the first day of the IP workshop.

Mr Tay and several lecturers pondering over one of the case studies brought along as example.

Mr Tay explaining the concept of kinship of forms with 3D Design lecturers during the teaching workshop

Mr Tay Kheng Soon introducing himself during the SOAD Lecture, "Aesthetics as Meta-Grammar" in the Creative Media Studio