Ayutthaya: Thai Khon and Drawing Workshop Series

23 - 25 September 2019
Campus 1, Seminar Room & Tower Block TB05-36

As part of the Academy-wide project, this workshop series aimed to introduce concepts pertaining to the historical and cultural significance of Ayutthaya, where students learned about traditional Khon characters from the Ramayana epic and drawings of Ayutthaya-styled motifs.

Using Ayutthaya as a creative stimulus, the student participants were encouraged to explore multidisciplinary approaches towards developing new ideas and insights.


Dance principals from Kansadaeng Watthanatham (Absolutely Thai) performing a scene in an episode of the Ramakien to student participants of the workshop

Dance principals demonstrating the meaning and movements of certain gestures used by each character in the Ramakien

Student participants engaging in the warm up routine practiced by Khon artists before their daily training

Students learning the movements to basic Khon gestures and expressions commonly employed during a performance

Students experience dressing up in full Khon costumes

Dance students attempting a battle scene movement between the God-king of monkeys, Hanuman and King of Demons, Thotsakan

Dr Irving Chan Johnson, Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, teaching a student how to correctly draw a Kanok motif

Dr Irving explaining to students the details of a Kanok pattern during his drawing workshop

Video of students learning the basic Khon gestures and dance positions