Angkor Wat III: Cambodian Dance Workshop

24 - 26 September 2018
Seminar Room

Invited by ISEAA for the third time, dance principals from Cambodian Living Arts, Phnom Penh, conducted a 3-day workshop for over 160 students participating in the third and final installation of the Academy-wide project, Angkor Wat III.

The workshop aimed to introduce to students some aspects of the Cambodian culture through two dance types - the coconut folk dance as well as the Apsara dance (traditional Cambodian ballet), as well as to provide a platform from which students may draw inspiration in conceptualising their learning outcomes.


Video of students learning the movements to the Apsara dance

Female students learning the movements of the Apsara dance

Male students learning the movements to Hanuman, commander of the army of monkeys in the Indian epic, Ramayana

Students learning the coconut dance, a popular folk dance in Cambodia