Wind and Rain of Chinatown with Guest-of-Honour Dr. Lily Neo

Wind and Rain of Chinatown, performed by 14 students of Diploma in Theatre (Mandarin Drama), and directed by industry veteran, Chen Zhao Jin, opened to the public from 18 - 20 September 2015 at Studio Theatre, NAFA Campus 3.

Dr. Lily Neo, Member of Parliament, Jalan Besar GRC, graced the event on 19 September as Guest-of-Honour, and also invited Pioneer Generation residents from Kreta Ayer to enjoy the exciting performance.

The performances were so well attended that some members of the audience had to stand to watch the play, proving that the hard work put in by the 14 students over the past 2 months had not been in vain.


GOH Dr Lily Neo (middle), with the Director of Wind and Rain of Chinatown Mr Chen Zhao Jin (left) and Mr Richard John Adams, Dean, School of Arts Management, Dance & Theatre (right)