Archifest X Play It Forward

NAFA's 3DD students were in one of just two design teams which won the Archifest 2017 competition by Singapore Institute of Architects and Play it Forward Singapore. This contest of transforming old pianos into interactive public art is part of Archifest 2017, an annual festival in Singapore celebrating architecture and the built environment.

The NAFA team comprises Nur Zafirah Binte Roslee, Muhammad Ridhauddin, Chua Xiang Xiang and Tham Xin Yi. Their work 'Onward, Oneself' (Oo Piano), seeks to reflect and acknowledge the significant deeds and accomplishments achieved by the society in today’s context. A tinted mirror glass was incorporated into the design, providing a metaphor to define the characteristics of individual self-identity. The color gold used on Oo Piano adds a modern touch as well as marks the golden age of Singapore.

From 7 October to 30 November 2017, the public gets to play these specially-designed pianos which are displayed under the Esplanade Bridge round the clock.