Alumni Curated - A Landmark 3D Design Exhibition

A milestone was marked on 3 November when Alumni Curated, a 3D Design exhibition led by NAFA’s 3D Design Alumni Chapter, was launched.

It is the first exhibition that was initiated and curated entirely by the alumni, presenting diverse works by 3D Design graduates from 1993 to 2017. The event also serves as a platform that provides valuable interaction between generations of artists.

Close to 50 visitors, including participating designers and NAFA staff, were present at the launch event. Mr Chan Chong Beng, Co-founder and Chairman of Goodrich Global Holdings Pte Ltd graced the event with his presence. His inspiring speech and keen interest in the designers’ works were very much being appreciated. As a token of appreciation, Mr Chan was being presented an art piece created by one of our alumni members, Ms Eunice Lim, who graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art in 2012. The rest of the participating designers were each given a token of appreciation for their participation as well.

Alumni Curated ended on 3 December 2017, marking the milestone with this first of its kind exhibition.


Mr Chan Chong Beng, Co-founder and Chairman of Goodrich Global Holdings (centre) with NAFA staff and participating designers

Panel of judges: (from left) Mr Jerry Soo, Ms Sun Hwee Chein, Mr Chan Chong Beng, Ms Sabrina Long and Ms Marienne Yang

Celine Ng’s “Oasis of Possibilities”

Tham Yew Koon’s “Outdoor Storage Cabinet”

Junie Lim & Kit Ang’s “Raw Dots”

Roger Soh’s “Loop”

Abbie Lim’s “Yomo”

Melvin Ong’s “Canopee des arbres”

Adryan Heng’s “Hide & Sleek”

Lina Tan’s “Corruption Reporting & Heritage Centre at Whitley Road”

Sinaga’s “Anton’s Apartment”

Felicia Ang’s “Tin Can Series”

Joey Tay’s “Breakout”

Fadzli Jamil’s “Kivet”

Kiat Ng’s “System”

Abbie Lim’s “元”

Laura Elizabeth Susanto’s “Clovey Stool”

Colin Oei’s “Valley Stool”

Calvin Pang’s “What We Are Constantly Losing”