Winnie Tan

Winne Tan is a NAFA lecturer and Singaporean graphic designer who graduated with a Master of Arts in Typography from the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design Prague, Czech Republic in 2009.  Twilight Bilingual  is presented in two long scrolls as a family of fonts in a visual word play between old Chinese poems and the modern English alphabet. The first scroll begins with the 2nd measure from《游山西村》by a prominent Southern Song dynasty poet Lu You 陆游 with the English alphabet interjected between the measure. The second piece is based on a Chinese tongue twister where it makes use of the characteristic Chinese polysemous wordplay where given characters are the same, but may be read in several ways to obtain a variety of meanings.

This work was featured in the collaborative exhibition between NAFA and partner university Loughborough ...6767... Draw-bridge exhibition and acquired for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Collection in 2014.


Twilight Bilingual

2013, Digital Print on Canvas, 150 x 150 cm (each), 2 scrolls