Koeh Sia Yong

Born in 1938, Koeh Sia Yong graduated from NAFA in 1958. He was a key member of the defunct Equator Society, whose members promoted social realism in Singapore, often produced work that drew attention to the everyday conditions of the working class and the poor. Scene of Bukit Ho Swee is a historical print that depict the aftermath of the catastrophic fire that swept through the squatter district at Bukit Ho Swee and Tiong Bharu. The fire impacted more than 16,000 people who were rendered homeless overnight. The work captures the anguish and dismay of an affected family, looking on their incinerated home.  This work was acquired for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Collection in 2013.


Scene of Bukit Ho Swee 河水山火灾

1961, Woodcut print, 20 x 15 cm