Hong Sek Chern

Born in Singapore in 1967, Hong Sek Chern graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1995 with a Diploma in Fine Art and was a recipient of the Young Artist Award from the National Arts Council in 2000. She is known for her experimentations in Chinese ink and stylistic interpretations of Singapore urban landscapes.

16 Cantonment Road demonstrates the use of multipoint perspective to create pictorial and abstract compositions. Hong imagines this cityscape to be the very same view that former bitcoin exchange firm, First Meta CEO, Autumn Ratke could have been looking at before she committed suicide in 2014. The artist poses the question "When we are faced with troubles do we see despair or hope?"

Once there was a mountain exemplifies Hong’s experimentation to move beyond flat surfaces by investigating the possibility of the 3D in ink painting. It was inspired by the late artist Anthony Poon, who developed the technique of stretching canvas over a premade 3 dimensional form to create his relief ‘Wave’ paintings. By boldly reconstructing surface textures to expand the views of Chinese ink traditions through paper reliefs, Hong challenges inherited norms, yet retains the essence of Chinese brushwork.

These works were acquired by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2017.


16 Cantonment Road

2017, Chinese ink and colour on rice paper, 120 x 200 cm

Once there was a mountain,

2017, Chinese ink on rice paper mounted on board, 114 x190 x 19 cm