Ho Kah Leong

Born in 1937, Singaporean artist Ho Kah Leong is a prominent figure in Singapore’s artistic circle. He trained at NAFA for a short stint in the mid-1950s and completed his secondary education at Chung Cheng High School. He graduated from Nanyang University with a BSc degree in 1963, following which, he became a teacher before entering politics in 1966. After serving as a Member of Parliament for 30 years, he was appointed as principal of NAFA in 1997 for a period of 6 and a half years.

Ho prefers painting en plein air, as he believes it is essential to arouse one's emotions and to bring his landscape paintings to life. His works expertly capture the sunlight and myriad of colours that are characteristic of tropical countries, while his bold strokes and bright colours resemble those of the Impressionist masters. Though most known for his oil paintings, Ho is also recognized for his Chinese calligraphy works.

Following his exhibition Making Art Life, the artist donated 20 works to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2017.


Fort Canning Park

2006, Acrylic on canvas, 51 x 76 cm

West Coast Sea

2014, Acrylic on canvas, 61 x 91 cm

Happy Family

1977, Woodcut print, 1/5, 61 x 81 cm

View from Narita Port Hotel

2008, Pen sketch on paper, 21 x 29 cm

Jaisalmer Fort

2014, Pen sketch on paper, 30.5 x 40.6 cm


2016, Chinese ink on rice paper, 68 x 45.5 cm