Chiew Sien Kuan

Chiew Sien Kuan is a NAFA alumnus, a long-serving teaching staff who has held appointments as Programme Leader and Deputy Head of the NAFA Fine Art Department in the past 2 decades. He obtained his Bachelors and Masters from the University of Tasmania, Australia and Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education from NTU, NIE Singapore in 2008. A versatile artist and teacher, Chiew’s interests include painting, drawing, sculpture, assemblage and installations.

The Iron Bridge alludes to the now disused Ulu Pandan Railway Bridge built in 1965 that connected Bukit Timah Road to Jurong. An infrastructure that was once an industrial icon in Singapore’s history, Chiew considers the bridge as a physical and spiritual connector between his past and future. The road below brings the eye to a vanishing point just beyond, into the unknown, offering space for contemplation and musings. The work takes on an industrial appearance through the use of non-traditional art materials such as cement, enamel paint, and carbon chalk.

All Ye Shall Sing enacts a storm scene that is both powerful and magnificent. Chiew had worked on smaller drafts before creating it large scale. The use of ink and enamel paint on paper created textures that were unpredictable, yet he adapted and controlled it sufficiently allowing him to freely express his inner vision into a physical manifestation. A carefully chosen verse from the Bible lends concord to the entire piece, a connection he felt could express the source of life and energy.

These works were acquired by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2019.


The Iron Bridge 铁桥

2016, Mixed media with oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm

All Ye Shall Sing 同声高唱

2016, Ink and mixed media on paper, 150 x 220 cm