Baet Yeok Kuan

Baet Yeok Kuan graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art (Painting), NAFA in 1987 and a Master in Fine Art (Sculpture), University of Central England, Birmingham in 1992. He was awarded the Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council in 1995 for his outstanding achievement and contribution in visual arts. A practicing artist and teacher, Baet has been a lecturer at NAFA since 1993.

Red Line, 2018 was inspired by his personal collection of favourite childhood objects. The work depicts a bold red line threading across an old 1-cent coin featuring Malaya King George VI minted during World War II (1939 to 1945). Red is regarded as an auspicious colour in Eastern culture, however, this red line is broken. Through a combination of cultural references and enigmatic images such as an old coin, the artist prefers to allow the audience to make the connection for themselves, and to interpret what they see through their own cultural lens.

The work is significant in documenting Baet’s interest in examining objects and using them to tell a story based on his experiences, a methodology that informs both his practice and teaching.

Memorable Recollections - Red Line was acquired by Nanyang Academy of Fiine Arts in 2018.


Memorable Recollections - Red Line

2018, Mixed media on canvas, 80 x 100 cm