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“¥€$ we can!” – a parody from Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign

Curator and sponsor at the
Inaugural Digital Art Week – Tokyo, 2022

Leica Food Photograph of the Year at the
Asian Gastronomic Awards of Excellence, 2011

D&AD Best New Blood at the British D&AD, 2007

Gold at the Crowbar Awards
(Experimental Photography), 2007

Bronze at the Crowbar Awards
(Fashion Photography), 2007

Based in Tokyo since 2017, Warren Wee is a multidisciplinary visual design professional and entrepreneur with over a decade of digital communications experience.

His corporate work includes servicing multinational corporations with a focus on their long-term growth. He also specialises in early-stage product development and localisation marketing in Japan and China. Wee creates integrated marketing communications and planning with a focus on user experience. He has a deep interest in art curation, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), blockchain, and Web 3.0 technologies applied to the real world. Also an art and commercial photographer, his work has been featured in major international publications and exhibited in galleries in Singapore and Tokyo.