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Art connects through resonance, bridging emotional and intellectual gaps. It creates shared experiences and transcends boundaries, deepening understanding and appreciation of our collective humanity through creative expression.

Ho Seok Kee is an interdisciplinary artist based in Singapore. In her perspective, art functions as a silent language, fostering a deep connection between viewers and the artist. This unique form of communication transcends words, allowing emotions, thoughts, and personal experiences to resonate between the creator and the audience. Ho sees art as a powerful bridge, uniting individuals through shared understanding and appreciation. Through this resonant connection, she seeks to create an immersive experience where art becomes more than just visual expression, transforming into a shared journey of emotions and interconnectedness.

Beyond the visual realm, Ho's work becomes a conduit for a collective journey of reactions and unification. Each piece she crafts is an invitation to explore the depths of lived human experiences, promoting a sense of fusion, decoding, and resonance.

Her other practice as wellness coach focuses on fostering wellbeing, particularly among the elderly. By leveraging her skills and passion, she actively engages with the elderly, imparting the benefits of wellness practices to enhance their quality of life. Ho seeks to create meaningful bonds, extending the impact of her art beyond the canvas. While she is deeply immersed in the world of art, she also actively contributes to the community as a dedicated volunteer.

Ho's multifaceted approach to her pursuits reflects a deep-seated dedication to both the world of art, and the betterment of the community she serves, embodying the spirit of a compassionate individual, making a positive impact on various fronts.

Ho graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art at NAFA in 2016. She was also the valedictorian of the class of 2016. She was a recipient of the NAFA Entry Scholarship (Degree) and completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fine Art, offered by NAFA and Loughborough University in 2018. Ho received her Master of Science in Applied Gerontology at the Nanyang Technological University in 2022. She won the following awards:

42nd UOB Painting of The Year, Established Artist Category, Silver Award
3rd Prize of the Saranggong Art Prize
37th UOB Painting of The Year, Established Artist Category, Silver Award
Killiney Art Prize, Top Achiever Award
NAFA Best Studentship Award for Loughborough University, BA (Hons) Fine Art
NAFA Best Graduate Award

Ho’s paintings explore subject matters that concern the environment, immigration issues, and technological innovations. While her earlier Chinese ink paintings dealt more with traditional Chinese genres, she has moved on to create more contemporary works since 2017.Ho participated in several group exhibitions in Singapore, Indonesia and China. Besides her art practice, she often conducts art workshops with various organisations in different industries such as banks, art galleries and private art schools. She volunteered as art trainer at the Rainbow Centre Singapore in 2019, and wellness coach at Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre in 2023.