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Lena Ching received her early music education in Singapore before going to the Royal College of Music in London for her graduate and postgraduate studies, majoring in both the piano and the harpsichord. She counts herself as part of the privileged beneficiary of her teachers, Victor Doggett, Yonty Solomon, Phyllis Sellick and Ruth Dyson.

Amongst Lena’s passions in life is teaching young people to cultivate a love and an understanding for music and life, as well as to see them excel in their talents and potential so as to contribute to the profession and to society. Since 1986, she has taught, developed and mentored numerous students and young performers from her private studio, from the LaSalle College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (the School of Music and the School of Young Talents), and also lectured for a period of time at the SIM-University of Buffalo.

Having been a prize-winning student herself (1st prize at the National Music Competition 1980, and Runner-Up at the Diners’ Club “Pianist of the Year” Competition 1986), her piano students have also won numerous prizes at local and overseas music competitions, and many have become successful musicians or professionals with a deep interest and love for music.

In the midst of a flourishing career, Lena’s continued search for excellence led her to pursue the Master of Arts degree in ‘Psychology for Musicians’ from the University of Sheffield (U.K.), in order to understand better the development and function of human talent and abilities. Her area of research and specialization was on music competitions and how they impact/affect gifted young musicians and high-ability learners. This is one of the outcomes of her illustrious career in teaching and working with musically-exceptional students.

Her professional experiences have also included numerous opportunities to perform as a soloist, concerto soloist, chamber musician, and accompanist in concerts, auditions, examinations and competitions. Lena was also an adjudicator for the National Piano Competitions in Sarawak and Ipoh (in the 1990’s), the Malaysia National Piano Competition in 2000, DynamicWorkz’s Young Pianist Competitions in 2009 and 2010, and the “Vivace!” Inter-Junior College Piano Duo Competition in 2014. Additionally, she has served as a committee member/ panel member for the National Arts Council in 1996 and 1998.

To date, Lena continues to be greatly inspired and enthused by aspiring young musicians as well as the work of her many colleagues and contemporaries.

Master of Arts (Psychology for Musicians),
The University of Sheffield, U.K.

Postgraduate for Advanced Study (Piano),
The Royal College of Music, London, U.K.

G.R.S.M. (Hons), Graduate of the Royal Schools of Music,
The Royal College of Music, London, U.K.

L.R.A.M., Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music, London, U.K.

A.R.C.M., Associate of the Royal College of Music, London, U.K.

F.T.C.L., Fellow of the Trinity College of Music, London

L.R.S.M., Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music, U.K.