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Ten uniquely designed stools were created by selected NAFA students and alumni in partnership with White Jacket, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Singapore.

Working on the theme of community and ‘lepak’ (a Singlish word for relaxation while doing nothing), the artists' interpretations were translated into visually engaging pieces set to brighten up any given space.

Through the project, the collaboration reviewed and redefined the visual expression of the stools and user experience, and brought together communities and artists.

A portion of the sale proceeds of the stools in March 2022 was donated to the NAFA Education Fund.


Bespoke stools from the White Jacket

Artist: Adelene Chan (White Jacket)

Artist: Kenenza Michiko Hasan

Artist: Jessin Goh

Artist: Ho Chung Kwang

Artist: Suzanne Chin (White Jacket)

Una-VOID-able on DECK by Jessin Goh

Le Stool, design conceptualised by Patricia Ho Douven and painted by Suzanne Chin