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Sculpture Society (Singapore) is the first body in Singapore dedicated to nurturing a public appreciation of sculpture as an art form. Among its members are many outstanding NAFA alumni, including several recent graduates who bring fresh perspectives to the table. This led to the unique collaboration between SSS and NAFA, as both organisations strive to create a platform that can connect and create discourse amongst emerging and established sculptors/artists.

Their efforts culminated in a year-long mentorship to cultivate the spirit of inquiry in young practitioners of 3D art, run by Yeo Chee Kiong and Tan Yen Peng. Over 12 months, six young artists were encouraged to develop critical perspectives in visual art practice, with an emphasis on sculpture and 3D art within the context of local and Southeast Asian art scenes. This process pushed their limits in both theory and practice, honing their art making to another level of growth.

Mentorship continued despite the pandemic restrictions and the challenge of having a few of the young artists based overseas. Their resulting artworks were showcased alongside works by NAFA alumni and SSS members at the reTHINGing Materiality — Contemporary Sculpture 2021 exhibition held at the Lim Hak Tai Gallery from 16 July to 22 August 2021. The show was a major sculpture exhibition that explored the extended definition of sculpture making and 3D art in the contemporary arts scene, ranging from figurative and abstract sculptures to new media art. The exhibition was also presented online in 360 video with exclusive content as part of the first-ever hybrid format of the Southeast Asian Arts Forum 2021: Schoolhouse Mavericks, organised by NAFA’s Institute of Southeast Asian Arts (ISEAA).

An e-publication was produced to compile reflections by the eight participants, with their observations and perspectives on the current issues facing sculpture, and the relationship between theory and practice. The e-publication is available upon request at [email protected].


Epoch of the Wayang Buffoon 丑角的年代 (2018) by Lim Soo Ngee

Does it matter? (2018-2021) by Stauffer Anne

Connection in balance (2020) by Amber Phang

Time for a Trim (2021) by Palmer Tan Long Hao

Geo-Palmistry 掌上山河 (2021) by Chen Yanyi

Cosmo Prayer Wheel (2021) by Gan Kwang Chuen (KC Gan)