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A Scene of Figures on a Beach with Coconut Trees
Watercolour on paper
39 x 56.5 cm
Michael & Saniza Collection

One of the most iconic Malaysian artists of the 20th century Yong Mun Sen was an important figure in Southeast Asia, as an artist, and art educator in Malaysia and Singapore. Together with Michael Yong-Haron and Saniza Othman, NAFA is proud to organise Yong Mun Sen in Nanyang, a major exhibition of works by Yong Mun Sen, featuring long-running research of the artist and his practice, a visual narrative of his explorations in watercolour, oil, ink and photography that collectively defines his journey and vision of Nanyang.

Living in the Forest, 1940, Watercolour on paper, 38.5 x 47.5 cm, Michael & Saniza Collection

Kek Lok Si Temple, 1953, Watercolour on paper, 56.5 x 75 cm, Michael & Saniza Collection

Beauty Queen, 1946, Oil on canvas, 50 x 37 cm, Michael & Saniza Collection