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Work in Progress invites you to embark on a journey through the intricate thought landscapes of artists. This showcase serves as a testament to the boundless realms of human imagination and the diverse pathways that lead to creative expression. Each artwork featured in this showcase is not merely a finished piece but a window into the mind of its creator, offering glimpses of the thoughts, emotions, and concepts that fueled its inception.

As you navigate through the showcase, you will encounter a tapestry of ideas woven from the threads of introspection, observation, and interpretation. From the detailed strokes of surrealism to the delicate intricacies of fashion design, every piece represents a unique perspective, shaped by each artist's experiences and perceptions.

At the heart of this showcase lies the celebration of process—the journey from conception to completion. Here, you will find sketches, notes, and preliminary studies alongside the finished works, providing insight into the evolution of ideas and the iterative nature of creativity. These artworks offer a glimpse into the artist's inner dialogue, revealing moments of doubt, inspiration, and revelation.

Curated by
Stephanie Lem Zin Jie | NAFA Talent Development Programme Enrollee
Year 3, Diploma in Arts Management

Felicia Toh Sook Ying
Year 3, Diploma in Arts Management

Yu Shan-Tung | NAFA Talent Development Programme Enrollee
Diploma in Fashion Design, 2024

Krystal Choo
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Art, 2024

Noyona Biswas
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Art, 2024

Click here for the showcase e-catalogue.