The Dream of Ayutthaya: NAFA’s academy-wide project

Jasslyne Oh Jia Yinn
Ayutthaya Sunset
Inkjet print on HD Photo Paper
50 x 40 cm

In 2019, the academy-wide project left Angkor Wat in Cambodia behind to embark on Ayutthaya as the next Southeast Asian crucible for research, inspiration and making. The project proposed to a particular site and aspects of its legacy as a creative stimulus, fuelling new dimensions in thinking, imagining, design, making and outcomes. This 2020 capsule exhibition includes previous experiences in archival documents to harness a new perspective of how Ayutthaya has been an inspiration for the students and faculty. Accompanied by various objects and resource materials, the legacy of the inaugural Ayutthaya-inspired project at NAFA offers renewed perspectives to the visionary landscape and culture, ready to propel the next batch of students and faculty into the light of their own making.

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Closed on Mondays.