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Written by: Liao Yimei
Directed by: Yu Weijie
Performed in Mandarin by: BA (Hons) Theatre Arts Students


A contemporary classic in Chinese theatre, Rhinoceros in Love was first staged by the writer’s husband, director Meng Jinghui, in 1999. It tells the story of Ma Lu, a rhinoceros keeper, who falls desperately in love with his neighbour, the beautiful Ming Ming. As his attempts to win her love fail, his unrequited love drives him to acts of increasing desperation and madness.

《恋爱的犀牛》在1999年由中国先锋戏剧导演孟京辉搬上舞台。剧情主要讲述一个男人爱上一个女人,为了她做了他所能做的一切。剧中的主人公马路是别人眼中的偏执狂,如他朋友所说, “过分夸大一个女人和另一个女人之间的差别,在人人都懂得明智选择的今天,算是人群中的犀牛实属异类。” 这个爱情童话已成为华语戏剧的当代经典。

Duration: 100 minutes with no intermission