Peel Here

An extract from "Lines: Hints of Peeling Found in Nature"

Peeling is amongst the many actions that we perform daily, unremarkable. Very often, it is to remove a barrier to accessing the intended content. When we peel, we are either separating, unsealing or revealing what lies beneath. The motion of peeling is often gentle, slow and careful, and we rarely notice ourselves doing it.

In a society that celebrates the spectacular and the sensational, it is unsurprising that we are no longer attuned to the mundane and the commonplace. This exhibition aims to present a fragment of our world where the gesture of peeling is frequently performed in a swift, but quickly, forgotten.

17 fascinating exhibits are the outcomes of the explorations of independent research lab Atelier HOKO, and six design researchers who are alumni of NAFA’s School of Art & Design. In collaboration with Singapore-based creative tech studio, The Doodle People, Augmented Reality (AR) installations will also be placed around the campus for the audience to peel away surfaces to reveal hidden artworks and digital augmentations to their surroundings. Featured artworks embedded within AR include pieces by NAFA alumni and visual art luminaries Koh Kai Ting, Ho Seok Kee, Chong En, William Sim and Lush Tan.

Displays such as ‘Peeling is Everywhere’, ‘What is Peeling’, ‘Peel/Peeeeeeel’, and ‘Instruction for Peeling’ unpack audience perspectives on the seemingly trivial gesture, while prodding them to scrutinise the act. ‘Let’s Peel Together’ and ‘Other Forms of Peeling’ seeks audience participation to experience various forms of peeling, with the latter prompting the actions of scrubbing, rubbing, scratching and scraping.

Join us to revisit habitual actions for a glimpse into the wonders of peeling!

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