Photo by Emergency Stairs
Design by Huang Suhuai

Directed by Ang Gey Pin 
Performed in English by NAFA Diploma in Theatre (English Drama) Year 3 students

There is no plot, no storyline to be told. The actors do not have a specific character to play. As expected in most theatre pieces, there is no fictional time to watch, no narrative to follow.

Austrian novelist Peter Handke’s Offending the Audience challenges audiences to abandon every expectation upon entering the theatre. Here, actors gaze into audiences’ eyes, addressing them as fellow human beings, playfully questioning the very nature of theatre, examining and ‘diagnosing the pulse’ of the medium itself.

Might these actions offend the audience? What offences are committed in space and time designated specifically for theatre?

Veteran Theatre Director Ang Gey Pin leads a group of students who have been studying theatre to question what they have learnt. In this collaboration with NAFA’s Diploma in Theatre Programme, will Emergency Stairs’ upcoming rendition of Offending the Audience subvert conventional notions of theatre, again?

Duration: Approximately 75 minutes, no intermission