Fashioning Batik

In collaboration with Indonesian batik powerhouse, BINhouse, Fashioning Batik is a menswear batik collection produced by students and graduates of NAFA.

Interpreting tradition, history, culture and contemporary fashion aesthetics, the designers created a collection that is modern, innovative and wearable.

BINhouse generously provided all the batik fabrics for this collection. Each batik speaks to the unique and distinctive BINhouse signature approach to handmade batik.

Based on their individual fortes and styles, NAFA designers established their own approaches and relationships with the BINhouse batiks. Among the designers are an embroidery artist, a print designer, a leather smith, an alternative constructionist, as well as current students honing their skills in fashion designing. Each shaped his or her design in response (with respect and admiration) to the highly varied BINhouse batiks to create this menswear collection.

Free Admission