Concert Series: Escape

NAFA Wind Orchestra with conductor Joost Flach

NAFA Wind Orchestra
Joost Flach, Conductor and Head of Winds

Serge Lancen: Cap Kennedy
Julius Steffaro / arr. Johan de Meij: March to Mars
Gustav Holst / arr. Johan de Meij: Jupiter Hymn
Barbara Streisand & Paul Williams / arr. Willy Hautvast: Evergreen
John Williams / arr. Donald Hunsberger: Selections from Star Wars Trilogy
Mauricio Kagel / arr. Derek Oh: Selections from 10 Marches to Miss the Victory
Zhang Kangyi: Trombone Concerto (World Premiere)
Antonín Dvořák / arr. José Schyns: Rusalka's Song to the Moon

Under the direction of Joost Flach, the NAFA Wind Orchestra presents an extensive programme that revolves around the concept of escape, be it in physical or metaphorical dimensions.

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