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Blooming Bubbles presents the dynamic world of NAFA students, where passion transforms into artistic expression. The showcase features students from diverse disciplines such as 3D Design, Fine Art, Fashion Design, Advertising, and Arts Management, who are enrolled in the NAFA Talent Development Programme (NTDP).

We invite you to delve into the essence of NAFA's creative minds, discover the stories behind each creation, and witness the artists' dedication to authenticity.

Participating NTDP Students

Desiree Low Yue Teng
Diploma in Arts Management

Emanuel Chen Chin See 
Diploma in Design (Furniture and Spatial)

Kenenza Michiko Hasan
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Art

Kyuri Lee
Diploma in Design (Landscape and Architecture)

Nasrin Poon Bte Hashim
Diploma in Fashion Design

Tansii Mui
Diploma in Fashion Design