Written by Asyikin Monasir, Naja Surattee, and Umi Kalthum Ismail
Translated by Ong Kian Sin
Directed by Ong Kian Sin
Performed in Mandarin by Diploma in Theatre (Mandarin Drama) Year 3 Students

(I)solate (隔)离 is a triple bill performance by NAFA's graduating Diploma in Theatre (English Drama)/Diploma in Theatre (Mandarin Drama) cohorts. The new works written by three brilliant ethnic minority women writers, were developed under Teater Ekamatra’s Playwrights Development Programme. The showcase aims to highlight the NAFA talents as they deftly tackle complex themes such as mortality, loss and solitude on stage.

(I)solate(隔)离是南洋艺术学院戏剧(英语/华语戏剧)文凭,毕业生的三重奏。作品由Teater Ekamatra剧作家发展计划下开发的三位才华横溢,少数民族女作家所创作。新作品也特别展示南艺即将毕业的学生。这些令人印象深刻的才华也会在舞台上巧妙地处理复杂的主题,例如死亡、失落以及孤独感。

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


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