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Certificate in Chinese Ink Painting (Basic)

This is an introductory course for traditional Chinese ink painting. Learners will be introduced to the materials and techniques used in creating various brush strokes and ink nuances in Chinese ink painting. With the focus on the Four Gentlemen Plants, learners will be exposed to the philosophy and aesthetics of traditional Chinese ink painting and culture.

Module 1 - Gentlemen Plants (Bamboo and Chrysanthemum)
(8 sessions x 3 hours)

This module is an introduction to the techniques of Chinese ink painting as well as the materials used. Different types of brush strokes, the way to hold the brushes, and methods in loading ink and water will be discussed as learners explore the subject matter of bamboo and chrysanthemum. The structures and forms of these two plants will be taught through demonstrations and reviews. Learners will understand the symbolism of these two plants at the end of the module.

Module Content:
  • Material introduction and different type of brushstrokes.
  • The philosophy of the four gentlemen.
  • The structure of bamboo.
  • The structure of chrysanthemum.
  • The composition.

Module 2 - Gentlemen Plants (Plum Blossom and Orchid)
(8 sessions x 3 hours)

This module reinforces brush strokes and ink techniques to create a vivid Chinese ink painting. The structures and forms of the Plum Blossom and Orchid will be discussed through demonstrations and reviews. Through the exploration of these subjects, learners will sharpen their compositional skills, thus deepening their understanding of the aesthetics and philosophy in Chinese ink painting. The symbolism behind these two plants will also be discussed.

Module Content:
  • Material introduction and different type of brushstrokes.
  • The philosophy of the four gentlemen.
  • The structure of plum blossom.
  • The structure of orchid.
  • The composition.

Our Trainers

Chua Poh Leng began his artistic journey as an artist specialising in ink painting. His works had won awards, notably the Singapore Area Prize in UrbanArt Competition (1996). He had participated in the 27th & 31st International Snow Sculpture Competitions in Quebec, Canada. Recent exhibitions include the 2012 International Ink Painting Exhibition at Chung Shan National Gallery; National Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taiwan; and the 2012 NAFA Fine Art Show - Continuities and Discontinuities.

He then continued his studies in Buddhism at the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka from 2006 to 2008. The journey of inner search serves as a mirror to reflect his mental imputation as he transforms the search into visual representations. He aspires to achieve a sense of bliss and balance during art-making without falling into agony and ecstasy.

His research interest lies in practising and verifying religious, philosophical and literary texts through observation, contemplation and participation in humanistic and cultural activities. His writings are published in an Anthology of ASEAN Modern Chinese Literature by Singapore Youth Book. His poems are selected by World Chinese Literature Society & published in an Anthology of Singapore & Malaysia Modern Chinese Literature.

Jalon Tan is a Visual Artist from Singapore whose flair for the arts sparked a series of works that reflect fondly on his childhood, where he developed an uninhibited affinity with animals along with the ones he grew up with.

Jalon self-funded his first solo exhibition in 2015. The body of work paid tribute and revealed the enigmatic personality of cats.

Jalon began teaching the craft of traditional drawing and painting from an art studio he founded in 2016. The art programmes crafted were inspired by his own experience as well as influences, which include his background in Chinese Ink Painting.

What started as ad-hoc, one-off workshops have now triumphed into a variety of programmes catering not only to recreational participants but also those who wish to adopt a more comprehensive approach to the craft. 

Jalon also experiments with unconventional mediums, producing conceptual pieces to installation art like the ones exhibited at the PAWsitive Exhibition (2017) for Wellness Pet Food,as well as his sculptural work commissioned for ASUS’s product launch exhibition, COLLISION: “Unleash Your Creative Power” (2018). He is no stranger when it comes to conveying messages that seek to ensnare the senses.

Quek Kiat Sing is a prolific local Chinese ink painter who studied under the tutelage of Chua Ek Kay and Tan Siow Aik.  Kiat Sing juxtaposes modern-day subjects with traditional Chinese Ink to emphasise the relevance of Asian culture in contemporary life. She is a recipient of numerous awards, such as the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Competition, the Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award and the China ASEAN Youth Artwork Creativity Contest.


Kiat Sing twice achieved the Freeman Fellowship at Vermont Studio Centre, USA. She represented Singapore at the ASEAN Cultural Week in Vietnam in 2004 and India-ASEAN Artist residency at Darjeeling, India, in 2012. Additionally, she was selected to provide the artwork for Shenton Way MRT Station under the Land Transport Authority's Art-in-Transit program for the upcoming Thomson Line. 


Kiat Sing has featured her works in many solo and group exhibitions. Her favourite subjects include the lotus ponds, mundane scenes of people and places in Singapore, as well as small animals. With a keen desire to inspire the next generation of artists, she lectures part-time at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore University of Social Science, and Nanyang Technological University.

沈添松 - 南洋美术专科学院两年制中国彩墨画证书。现为啸涛篆刻书画会、墨澜社、南洋美专校友会及艺术学会会员。1996年及2001年举办个人画展,1993年至2021年多次办联合画展。1994年获国庆青年美术创作比赛优秀奖,2001年和2005年获陈之初博士艺术奖中国话组优秀奖及首奖。1988年至2004年也多次获得大华银行绘画比赛中国画组佳作奖。添松拥有多年的教学经验,目前在华彩艺术中心于南洋画店教导不同程度的中国彩墨画爱好者。

Course Information

Course Schedule
July 2023 intake 
3 July – 29 October 2023
• Every Monday, 2pm – 5pm (Conducted in English) (FULL)
• Every Monday, 7pm – 10pm (Conducted in English)

Course Fee

S$620.00 (After NSA Subsidy)

Application Fee


Training Subsidies / Benefit

• SkillsFuture Credit
• National Silver Academy
• NTUC Union Training Assistance Programme

Application Information

July 2023 intake 
Application opens from 8 May to 4 Jun 2023

Customised Programmes

Transform and energise your organisation with us! Whether it is infographics or art therapy, we can work with your budget to create a programme to suit your needs. Email us at [email protected] or call +65 6512 1388.

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