Ballet Gifted Programme


Students will receive professional training which includes intensive physical training with the objectives of participating in solo/group competitions, as well as to participate in both internal and external performances.

  • Student-intake is via successful audition.
  • Successful candidates must also be taking our RAD Ballet Program concurrently.
  • Age requirement:
    Level 1: 6 - 7 years old
    Level 2: 8 - 9 years old
    Level 3: 10 - 11 years old
  • Those between ages 8 - 11 - must already have obtained at least a Grade 1 Certificate (RAD or CSTD)
  • Those without prior dance training, but have gymnastic background can be accepted upon passing an audition.

Course Fees

Grade Course Schedule
Per lesson per week
Course Fees Per Semester
(20 Weeks)
Level 1 Semester 1
Semester 2
90 minutes
90 minutes
Level 2 Semester 1
Semester 2
90 minutes
90 minutes
Level 3 Semester 1
Semester 2
90 minutes
90 minutes
*Above prices are inclusive of GST

Registration & Audition Fees

  • Registration fee is $32.10. This fee is waived for the second and subsequent course registration.
  • Audition fee is $21.40 (for students with prior dance training).

Payment Terms

  • Payment via cheque and cashier's order should be crossed and made payable to the "Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts". Please write your name, NRIC/passport number and contact number on the reverse side of the cheque/cashier's order.
  • Payment of fees should be made prior to the commencement of each term or semester as stipulated in the fee structure.

Address (for payment via cheque)

  • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
    Cashier in Room 1-11,
    Level 1, NAFA Campus 1,
    80 Bencoolen Street
    Singapore 189655


  • If payment is not made in full by the due date, a penalty charge will be assessed at S$15.00 per month.

Refund of Fees

  • Registration Fee is non-refundable.
  • Fees are only refundable under the following conditions:
    1. Full refund if the class is unable to proceed due to unforeseen circumstances
    2. After deducting S$53.50 if withdrawal is made within 14 days before the commencement of the semester/term*
    3. After deducting 1 month's tuition fees or S$107.00, whichever is higher, if withdrawal is made within 14 days from the commencement of the semester/term*
    4. Fees are non-refundable for withdrawal after 2 weeks into the semester/term*

* applies in accordance to your course payment schedule

Parents need to apply in-person during registration period.

There are 2 Student-intakes per year : January-intake and July-intake. Registration periods are early-November and early-May for the 2 intakes respectively.

Enrolment Steps

  1. Contact the Junior Dance Department via phone or email for any queries pertaining to Registration.
  2. Turn-up at Junior Dance Department during enrolment periods, which are early-May and early-November.
  3. Children with prior dance training who are keen to join us, must attend and pass an audition.

Calendar For 1st Semester of 2019

Week Friday Saturday Sunday Lesson
1 4-Jan 5-Jan 6-Jan Start of 1st Semester
2 11-Jan 12-Jan 13-Jan  
3 18-Jan 19-Jan 20-Jan  
4 25-Jan 26-Jan 27-Jan  
5 1-Feb 2-Feb 3-Feb  
6 8-Feb 9-Feb 10-Feb  
7 15-Feb 16-Feb 17-Feb  
8 22-Feb 23-Feb 24-Feb  
9 1-Mar 2-Mar 3-Mar  
10 8-Mar 9-Mar 10-Mar Mar 8 to 10 Open-Class (Parent/Teacher Session)
11 15-Mar 16-Mar 17-Mar  
12 22-Mar 23-Mar 24-Mar Closed for March Term Break (18 to 24 March)
13 29-Mar 30-Mar 31-Mar  
14 5-Apr 6-Apr 7-Apr  
15 12-Apr 13-Apr 14-Apr  
16 19-Apr 20-Apr 21-Apr 19 Apr - P/H Good Friday
17 26-Apr 27-Apr 28-Apr  
18 3-May 4-May 5-May  
19 10-May 11-May 12-May  
20 17-May 18-May 19-May 19 Apr - P/H Vesak Day
21 24-May 25-May 26-May  


  • There will be no lessons on dates that have been struck through.
  • There will be two semesters per year. The first semester takes place from January to May and the second semester takes place from July to November.
  • There will be no lessons on public and school holidays, unless specially arranged by the teachers.
  • There will be no make-up lessons for missed classes. However, there will be a make-up lesson if a teacher is unwell or unable to teach.
  • To confirm the continuation of a course, please make fee payments by the due dates. Otherwise, the applicant will be deemed to have withdrawn voluntarily.

Twice a year, in November and May.
Registration in November for courses commencing in January;
Registration in May for courses commencing in July.

Parents need to be here in-person to enrol their child during the registration period, bringing along a copy of child's birth certificate for our retention. This is a mandatory requirement.

Audition is only necessary for children aged 8 and older and who have prior dance training.

The minimum number to start a class is 8. The maximum number is between 20 to 23 per class, depending on the size of the Dance Studio.

You may view these in "Course Overview", under Fees section.

Our Dance Studios are located inside NAFA Campus 3 [151 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189655]


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Tel: 6512 4220

Please write to us at:
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