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Melvin Tang

People's Association, Assistant Artistic Producer

Diploma in Arts Management, 2011

Arts Management


Stick to your passion, be open and start from the bottom. Opportunities will present itself when one gives lots of hard work and consistent effort in what they do.

Industry Experience

At NAFA, I learnt about the importance of the amount of back-end work needed to ensure the success of a production. Since leaving NAFA, I am very fortunate to have doors opened for me. My current job at PA allows me to do something I love and at a national scale, it has been an exciting journey so far.

As Assistant Producer for Chingay, I provide artistic advice and input, working closely with other choreographers involved in the large-scale event. I also have to work with the Main Producer and Music Director on the music production of theme songs and other music for the performances. In addition, I provide the artistic concept and supervise the production process including costumes, props and sets. I also perform the duty of Stage Manager for Chingay and work out the production cues and technical details with relevant consultants and contractors to enhance the final presentation.

The biggest highlight of my career so far would be for Chingay 2013 (Fire in Snow). To be able to make our idea of creating a snow filled parade at the F1 Pit Building into reality and knowing how the audience loved the whole idea and being pull off such a feat and making the show a success, was an indescribable feeling of satisfaction!

For other PA’s staged shows, I work closely with various artistes, together with my artistic producer to conceptualise a show. I take on the role of stage manager, working out the cues and production sequence and schedule for the show.

My current job gives me many opportunities to work with different artistes and producers and it has been an eye-opening experience. Understanding their creative process and thoughts gives me different perspectives to certain things and inspires and makes me want to further improve the way I work even further.

With a dance background, I was also a dance instructor for various schools and institutions, and was a choreographer for National Day Parade 2011, Chingay 2009 to 2012, and other commercial events such as Changi Airport’s “Millionaire Flash Mob” in 2010.


Awarded "Chingay Champion of the Year" for Chingay 2010 and 2012 by Chingay Judging Panel.

Awarded "Best Contingent Display" for Chingay 2010

Chingay Parade Singapore was awarded "Leisure Event of The Year" for 2011 and 2012.