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Jackie Ong

The Human Expression (T.H.E) Second Company, Dancer

Diploma in Dance, 2011


Industry Experience

Jackie was trained in the sciences throughout secondary school and junior college, and was accepted into a local university, but his heart has always been in dance. After thinking it through for a year, he gave in to the mental image of a dancer executing a grand jeté and his fate at NAFA was sealed.

Jackie secured a NAFA Scholarship during his second year and through his studies established a network of connections with both local and overseas artists. He represented NAFA for various World Dance Alliance events to perform in New Delhi and New York, and through a masterclass auditioned successfully for The Human Expression (T.H.E) Second Company.

Upon graduation, he was selected with much pride, to perform alongside T.H.E Main Company in the festival commissioned work ‘As It Fades’ for the Singapore Arts Festival 2011. He has toured with the company dance festivals such as the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival in China and the Annual International Dance Conference and Festival in Poland.