Alumni Chapters

Since 2016, the NAFA Alumni Relations Office established eight Alumni Chapters (3D Design, Fine Art, Music, Design & Media, Dance and Fashion), which will serve to facilitate the initiatives and activities organised by the respective alumni groups.

Members of the Alumni Chapters will assist to:

  • Advise NAFA on features and activities that will be perceived to add value and will likely appeal to alumni; and
  • Be the voice of the Chapters in NAFA’s communication with alumni.

Here are the representatives in the Alumni Chapters of the various disciplines.

Adrian Heng Joo Meng
Diploma in Interior Design, 1995

Bryan Chng Jing Siang
Diploma in Design (Landscape & Architecture), 2016

Hong Yifeng
Diploma In Design (Interior And Exhibition), 2016
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Spatial Design, 2018

Lim Hong Han Abbie
Diploma in Interior Design, 2007

Ng Mei Ling Celine
Diploma in 3D Design, 2013
BA (Hons) 3D Design: New Practice, 2014

Ong Yit Leong Melvin
Diploma in Interior Design, 2008

Diploma in Interior Design, 1999

Tung Ching Yew
BA (Hons) Exhibition & Retail Design, 2008

Wilson Tiong Wee Sen
Diploma in Interior Design, 2002
BA (Hons) Interior Design, 2006

Chim Sin Yee
Diploma in Arts Management (Performing Arts), 2005

Muhammad Norisham Bin Osman
Diploma in Arts Management, 2012
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Creative Industry Management, 2017

Tan Ying Jie Rachel
Diploma in Arts Management (Performing Arts), 2007
BA (Hons) Arts Management, 2008

Tang Zhixiong Melvin
Diploma in Arts Management, 2011

Carmen Pang Qiao Wei
Diploma in Dance, 2018

Elizabeth Sarah Lee
Diploma in Dance, 2012

Leong Mei Wan Pamela
Diploma in Dance, 2010

Ng Hui Fang Audrey
Diploma in Dance, 2010

Nurul Syimah Binte Sabtu
Diploma in Dance, 2018

Teo Ban Seng Peter
Diploma in Dance, 2004

Bob Lee Keng Siang
BA (Design), 2000

Lee Hoon Hwee (Sky Li)
Diploma in Multimedia, 2000

Tan Ai Khim
Diploma in Visual Communication, 2001
BA (Design), 2002
MA Contemporary Practice, 2007

Teo Tek Loon Benjamin
Diploma in Visual Communication, 2001

Valerie Cheng Beng Sim
Diploma in Graphic Design, 1998

Yap Yin Foo Jason
Diploma in Graphic Design, 1994

Yeo Yeok Chuan
Diploma in Graphic Design, 1993

Benz Tan Tze Beng
BA (Hons) Fashion, 2017

Chew Han Lim
Diploma in Fashion Design 2001
BA (Hons) Fashion, 2002

Goh Shirley
Diploma in Fashion Design, 2011
BA (Hons) Fashion, 2013

Hoon Pinyi Charlene
Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing, 2011
BA (Hons) Fashion & Marketing, 2012

Ivan Goh Eu Jin
Diploma in Fashion Design, 2012

Nurul Farihin Izzan Binte Mohamed Ali
Diploma in Fashion Design, 2014
BA (Hons) Fashion, 2015

Tan Yug Jiun Angelynn
Diploma in Fashion Design 1997
BA (Hons) Fashion, 2002

Diploma in Fashion Design, 2010
BA (Hons) Fashion & Marketing, 2013

Amanda Lim Sue Xia
Diploma in Fine Art (Western Painting), 2014
BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2015

Deva Raj S/O Saya Kumar
Diploma in Fine Art , 2012
BA (Hons) 3D Design: New Practice, 2017

Fiona Seow Hui Lin
Diploma in Fine Art (Sculpture), 2015

Ho Enwei Edwin
Diploma in Fine Art, 2002

Ho Seok Kee
Diploma in Fine Art, 2016
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Art, 2018

Khairuddin Bin Hori
Diploma in Fine Art,1998

Loi Cai Xiang
Diploma in Fine Art (Western Painting), 2013

Shen Wanjing Kimberly
BA (Hons) Fine Art with Contemporary Writing, 2007

Teresa Teo Guttensohn
Diploma in Fine Art 2003
BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting & Drawing, 2004

De Silva Alicia Joyce
Diploma in Music, 2007
BA (Hons) Music, 2008

Gao Yang
Diploma in Music, 1990

Goh Toh Chai
Diploma in Music, 1989

Lu Heng
Diploma in Music, 2012
BMus (Hons), 2014

Wong Guo Nie Karen
Diploma in Music, 2004
BA (Hons) Music, 2005

Yu Kai Tung Laurence
Diploma in Music, 2007
BA (Hons) Music, 2008

Aaron Teo Wei Kiet
Diploma in Theatre, 2012

Ebi Shankara
Diploma in Theatre, 2008
BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts, 2012

Guo Chengwei Darren
Diploma in Theatre, 2011

Pang Boon Kiat Andy
Diploma in Theatre, 2011
BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts, 2012

Seah Feng Yuan Stanley
Diploma in Theatre, 2012
BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts, 2015

Wang Weiyang
Diploma in Theatre, 2005

Zhang Wenyi
Diploma in Theatre (Mandarin Drama), 2016
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Theatre Arts, 2017