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Zheng Xing Stanley

Senior Lecturer



Bachelor in Acting,
Shanghai Theatre Academy, China


Zheng Xing has more than 37 years of experience in acting, directing and playwriting, including working with the Shanghai People’s Art Theatre. In recognition of his significant cultural and artistic contributions, he was awarded the title of “国家二级演员” (National Actor: Second Grade) by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. His reputation has gained international reach - having been invited by the British Ministry of Culture as a guest at 10 Downing Street.

He held a lead role in Chinese dramas, such as “爱,在我们心里” (Love, In Our Hearts); "阿混新传" (Ah Hun Xin Zhuan) "哈姆雷特" (Hamlet); “寻找男子汉" (Looking For A Man); "黎明,1949" (Dawn, 1949).

Notable performances in film include《天涯并不遥远》, 《从奴隶到将军》, 《快乐的单身汉》, 《公寓》, 《腊月雪》, 《北大荒》, 《龟蛇盗》, 《特警队》, 《星座在召唤》, 《走出济州岛》, 《铁血壮士》.

His international collaborations are extensive. Significant projects include acting as “D’Artagnan” in the Chinese-French co-production of “The Three Musketeers” directed by French director Marcel Maréchal, and “Alan Strang” in “Equus” directed by Hong Kong director Chan Choi Lai (陳載澧). Zheng Xing also starred in China’s first environmental theatre production, “明日就要出山” (Tomorrow will be out of the Mountains), directed by the renowned American theatre director, Richard Schechner.

He is also a reputable playwright and he has authored TV series《温哥华不相信眼泪.》,and a musical 《冤家路宽》. As a director, his achievements include “冤家路宽” (Yuan Jia Lu Kuan); “咏蟹花” (The Crab Flower Club); “老顽童” (Old Man); “不是这样的” (It’s Not Like This); “亭子间嫂嫂” (The Sister-in-law of the Attic Sister-in-law); “问天” (Ask Heavens); and “笑的大学” (University of Laughter).