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Zhang Bo Chao


Fine Art


Master of Fine Art,
Kent Institute of Art & Design, University of Kent, UK

Master of Fine Art,
Hubei Institute of Fine Art, China

Bachelor of Fine Art,
Hubei Institute of fine Art, China


Zhang Bo Chao holds two Master Degrees, first from Hubei Institute of Fine Art and later from Kent Institute Art and Design at the University of Kent. He is best placed in the research of comparing the philosophical and aesthetic relationships between Western visual art and Eastern fine art.

Zhang Bo Chao has an accomplished academic career. At Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, China, he was first a Lecturer and was then appointed as an Associate Professor. Since 1998, he joined the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts as a full-time lecturer, bringing with him his mastery of the oil painting medium. He is known for employing classical techniques to re-contextualise contemporary media of expressions. His works are commissioned and are amongst the collections of the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall and with private collectors locally and overseas.