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Yati Yusoff

Adjunct Lecturer

Theatre, Arts Management


Bachelor of Arts
National University of Singapore


Yati has been in the arts industry for more than 25 years and she started as an Arts Officer in the National Arts Council. She received a scholarship from the Singapore Arts Centre (currently known as Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay) for Postgraduate studies at the University of South Australia. Upon graduation, she returned to the Singapore Arts Centre as their Marketing Manager before returning to Australia to work with several arts organisations, including the Adelaide Festival.

Yati returned to the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay to join their Programming team, with interest in programmes for the community. She developed her network locally and regionally, by being on the advisory committees of several community arts organisations in Indonesia and Malaysia. She was acknowledged as a trendsetter by the Malay Newspaper, Berita Harian, in 2012 for her role in developing the Arts programmes for the Malay community.

In 2013, Yati ventured to Indonesia to assist Indonesian arts companies, including the production company of Global 3L and Nan Jombang Dance, in marketing their productions to the international arts festivals.  She joined Ciputra Artpreneur, a new arts centre in Jakarta to train them in running an arts centre. She also initiated and facilitated the signing of the MOU for the cultural and arts programmes between Indonesia, specifically Jakarta, and China under China’s One Belt programme.

Currently, she is back in Singapore and freelancing as arts-producer and promoter for several international projects.