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Tan Choon Ying

Adjunct Lecturer

Fine Art


Master of Arts in European Art from Renaissance to the 19th Century (with Distinction)
University of Essex

Bachelor of Arts (Architectural Studies), Minor in Music
University of Washington, Seattle, USA


Choon Ying’s expertise as an educator is in cultivating visual arts literacy - equipping others to understand and appreciate arts through interactive learning activities. She firmly believes that learning to understand arts is a valuable process which arouses curiosity, facilitates critical analysis and reflective thinking. These are essential skills for today’s graduates and tomorrow’s artists and arts practitioners.

Choon Ying has over 10 years of teaching experience at tertiary level.  She has taught a range of subjects including Cultural Awareness, Communication Practice, Music appreciation and the History of Architecture and Art.  Her interdisciplinary research explores the links between European Art and Music, particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as cross-cultural exchanges between European and Asian forms of Visual and Performing Arts.

Her MA dissertation examined how a German Romantic composer, poet-musician, artist and the Chinese literati all shared the common aesthetic goals of seeking ecstasy through music and nature. She has presented papers at conferences organized by the Association Répertoire International d’Iconographie Musicale (RIdIM) and the International Council of Traditional Music (ICTM) Study Group for Iconography of the Performing Arts.  Her latest paper was published in Vol. 41 of Music in Art: International Journal for Music Iconography (2016) is titled “Envisioning a Romantic Tragedy: Delacroix’s Dramatic Images of Othello”.