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Sin Song Chiew James

Senior Lecturer

Apple Foundations Trainer

Design & Media


Apple Foundations Trainer Certification,
Learning Academy

Learning Academy Certification,
Learning Academy

Empower Trauma Rehabilitation Training,
Dr Robi Sonderegger (Independent Clinical Psychologist)

Advanced Certificate, Theology,
Oral Roberts University, USA

Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE),
Nanyang Technological University,
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Master of Arts (Hons) in Spatial Design,
University of Western Sydney, Australia


James' practice-led research interests include educational experimentation in engaging and impacting the Generation Y & Generation iY, intellectual property advocacy, innovative digital media projects collaborations, learning network typologies through communities of learning and engagement connected via cyberspace and WiFi network, learning and connectivity via social media with a framework as a foundational operational platform, and mobile-learning & blended-mobile-learning in design education through harvesting the available potentials of innovative technologies.

James believes that place of elevated projection is propagated by the phase of learning rather than teaching and the pace of elevation is determined by its proportionate dreams and interaction. The initial educational frontline is probed by the visionary plotting process of planning and placement engaging the learners through the creative application of technologies. The potential of place of elevated projection is evolved from embryo to existence into a phenomenally extraordinary personified educational place where life's pulse is animated and motivated-learning takes its throne.