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Sharifah Shahirah


Theatre, Arts Management


Bachelor of Arts,
Communication and Media Studies,
Murdoch University

Sotheby’s Certification,
Arts Management,
Sotheby’s Institute of Art


Shahirah’s love affair with art and writing began with translating works by modern Indonesian artists for an art gallery as an engineering student a decade ago.

She went on to be a Marketing Manager for I Theatre, while studying for her degree with a double major in Public Relations and New Media, and taking a sponsored Arts Management course with Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Shahirah has worked for local galleries, an auction houses and private museums. More recently, she was part of the founding team at Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris - Asia's first international private museum with a focus on works by European masters from the 17th to early 19th century and a sponsored research project on corporate art patronage regionally.

Her strength lies in communications strategy for the arts and she continues to contribute to the vibrant art scene through consultancy and editorial works.

Shahirah brings her wealth of arts industry experience to her teaching at NAFA. She believes that every student has unlimited potential and aims to elevate their passion and individualism through critical thinking.