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Seah Hui Ling


3D Design


Master of Architecture
National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Arts (Architecture)
National University of Singapore


Hui Ling is currently an educator with the 3D Design programme, involved in design studio, theory, digital and skills-based modules. Embarking on this academic course, she brings forth her industry experience, coupled with her engagement in youth work. Her interest in innovative ways of pedagogical approaches has led her to develop a digital technology skillset for learning through the pandemic and venture into research on learner profiles.

Industry experience

Five years before joining NAFA, Hui Ling was a senior designer in the architectural consultancy Ong & Ong Pte Ltd, helming both the design and project management front. During her practice, she was collectively and independently managing building projects in residential, institutional and infrastructure areas. Given the opportunities and exposure in the range of projects, she exercised her analytical skills in formulating a design report for a Sea-port Masterplan and execute tech-savvy knowledge in an Integrated Digital Delivery pilot project for high-end residential development.

She remains true to her design belief, designing a local liveability in harmony with nature and its context in the projects she manages, including the design education under her care.