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Sabrina Koh Li-lin

Vice Dean, Fine Art Programme

Senior Lecturer


Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE),
Nanyang Technological University,
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Master of Arts, Contemporary Practice,
University of Huddersfield, UK / Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Fine Art with Contemporary Writing,
University of Huddersfield, UK / Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Diploma in Interior Design,
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore


A conceptually-driven inter-disciplinarian, Sabrina focuses on the human body as an ergonomic tool that is in contrast to the existing sites or spaces it inhabits. This human body is her principal mode of expression where she examines the paradoxes and contradictions inherent in society. Increasingly recognised for her work, she has been invited to perform at art festivals in Germany, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.  Sabrina’s work hinges on the ambiguous, the unknown, the undefined-aspiring to create a web of complex associations and questions for the viewer(s).

The interdisciplinary nature of Sabrina’s creative work allows her to straddle between various disciplines of Design and Media, Fine Art and 3D Design. Sabrina is active as an art writer and trainer.  She was an Academic and Arts Appreciation Coach, and has written for interior and architectural magazine, ish, and the journal, Artizen, published by Singapore Art Museum. She was also an independent editor for PageOne. Sabrina brings to NAFA her entrepreneur sensibility, having founded the creative label, and she stays active in the professional network, engaging with artists and designers in collaborative platforms.