Staff's photo

Ong Sheng Hua

Adjunct Lecturer

3D Design


Masters of Architecture,
National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Arts (Architecture),
National University of Singapore


Sheng Hua is fascinated in light as a creative medium for expression. Leveraging on her training in architecture and design as well as building on a wealth of experience in the design industry, she now specialises in lighting design and has extended to creating lighting installations in collaboration with other designers and artistes. Examples of her work include ‘Hub to Hub Urban Art Installation’ which is supported by URA and organized by SUTD in 2011, as well as ‘In Sartorial Splendour’, a lighting installation at House, Dempsey Road in 2008.

Her versatile self also takes another form of an illustrator. She has illustrated children’s picture books, with the following books published in recent years:

The Little Red Helicopter, 2009

Dou Dou, The Imperial Chef, 2013

The Playground Expert, 2013

Asian Spice Kids, Star Anise, Superstar, 2014

Currently, Sheng Hua is a Senior Designer with Project Lighting Design and she focuses on various local and overseas hospitality and commercial projects. In addition to her design work, she is frequently invited to conduct design and lighting workshops for students and educators.