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Ng Wang Feng

Part-Time Lecturer



Master of Music Therapy,
Temple University, U.S.A

Music Therapist-Board Certified,
Certification Board of Music Therapists, U.S.A

Bachelor of Music (Music Therapy),
Arizona State University, U.S.A


Wang Feng is a Board-Certified Music Therapist. She graduated with a Master of Music Therapy from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA in 2005. In her training and subsequent work appointments in Music Therapy, she has worked with various client populations in Singapore and in the United States, including adult and geri-psychiatrics; geriatrics; cancer survivors; individuals with developmental needs, orthopaedic impairments, and brain injury; as well as at-risk youth.

She was the founding President of the Association for Music Therapy, Singapore, and is a professional member of the American Music Therapy Association. She has published two articles in the online journals, Voices: World Forum for Music Therapy (2005 and 2011), and Music and Medicine (2012).