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Ernest Seah

Adjunct Lecturer

Fine Art


Master of Arts, Fine Arts
Education in Cognitive and Emotionalism in Creative Arts
Norwich University of the Art, United Kingdom

Diploma in Fine Art Practice,
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore


With over 30 years of experience in design, performing arts and the media industries, Ernest conducts workshops and seminars about art concepts & methodologies combining both performance and fine arts. In addition, he has organized numerous exhibitions and is a veteran performer on stage, televisions and the big screens.

Academically, Ernest has developed arts, creative and performance programmes for primary, secondary, junior colleges and listed companies (e.g.  Google, Xerox, and MOM). His volunteering efforts include Singapore Children Cancer Society, Indio Orphanages in India, and other underprivileged and marginalized societies worldwide.

Ernest has been awarded numerous awards, including the Luxembourg Art Prize, 2020,  Doncaster Art Prize 2020, Harvard Book Prize 2019 and Antwerp Art Competition 2017.