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Dr. Rebecca Kan

Vice Dean, Teaching & Learning Unit

Senior Lecturer



Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE),
Nanyang Technological University,
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Doctor of Philosophy (Musicology),
University of Liverpool, UK

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music,
University of Liverpool, UK

LTCL (Violoncello) Teacher’s Diploma,
LTCL (Piano) Teacher’s Diploma,
LTCL (Violoncello) Performer’s Diploma,
FTCL (Piano) Performer’s Diploma,
Trinity College of Music, UK


Dr. Rebecca Kan is Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning at the Office of Academic Affairs, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. In this role, she oversees processes that enhance and assure the quality and effectiveness of both teaching and learning. She also spearheads initiatives that enhance the professional competencies of academic staff, giving students a better learning experience. Prior to this, she held the role of Head of Academic Studies at the Department of Music, where she remains as Senior Lecturer.

Rebecca is trained as a musician and musicologist, specialising in the creative musical processes of the Baroque concerto. She is the recipient of top prizes in the 20th Singapore Music Teachers' Association Competition (Piano Intermediate), 8th National Music Competition of Singapore (Piano Open), and the 75th British Federation of Festivals. Her research findings are published in Early Music, Edition HH, Early Music Review, Eighteenth-Century Music, Bach Bibliography, Bach Notes, Studi Vivaldiani, Irish Musical Studies 8, and Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.

She has taught Music History and Appreciation, Performance History, Study Skills, Methods of Analysis, Performance Practice, and Music Criticism in the past decade.

Since 2010, she has turned the focus of her work to pedagogy and learning innovation of the arts. In 2013, she joined Harvard Graduate School of Education’s programme on ‘Leading Education Systems at National Level’.

Presently, Rebecca is on the Advisory Committee for the Bachelor of Arts and Music Education Programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). She is also an Adjunct Lecturer at SUSS, where she curates the art of appreciating musical milestones with adult learners.