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Dayne Ng Chee Yao

Adjunct Lecturer



Bachelor of Music (Honours)
Royal College of Music (London)

Diploma in Music
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts


Dayn has been active in composing for ensembles, orchestras, theatre production and audio recordings. He has composed and arranged numerous music for ensembles and orchestra such as the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

His latest works include music arranging for three terms of Arts Imprint, a highlight show as a part of National Arts Council's initiative: Arts in your neighbourhood, local drama series 《起飞 Cresendo》, theatre production in collaboration with Central Academy of Drama (China) 《唐寅与秋香》 and composed for China drama series《艳骨》/ Colourful Bone.

Dayn is currently the composer-in-residence for MUSA, music producer at House of Music and is recently signed as an exclusive song writer with Touch Publishing.