Staff's photo

Casey Boo Koh

Senior Lecturer

3D Design


Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education,
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture,
University of Huddersfield, UK

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Interior Design,
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia


Casey Boo Koh brings with him an extensive experience of professional practice in managing and administrating architectural projects at national and international levels.

He was Vice President of Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) from 2013 to 2015. He was also Chair of IDC(S) Design Excellence Awards (DEA) from 2011 to 2014. Under the wing of DEA, there were two awards, Spatial Design Awards (SPADE Awards) and Industry-Design Excellence Awards (I-DEA), both with concerted objectives in raising awareness of design capabilities at institutional and professional levels.

On the international stage, Casey has established an expert voice in advocating the notion of holistic and integrated ecological satellite building. His essay ‘The Vertical Artifice Park’, was presented at the 8th International Housing Symposium on “Urban Regeneration & Sustainability” (2009) hosted by Seoul National University of Technology.

Casey has an illustrious career as an interdisciplinary designer. Amongst the numerous interior design consultancy projects done locally and internationally, highlights of his artworks include ‘Alchemy-ism the Wonder Kid’ at NAFA 75th Anniversary (2013), ‘The Forgotten Empress’ (1998), 2nd World War artefacts exhibition, commissioned by Singapore History Museum.

Casey believes that the ‘connectedness between our living space and the macro climatic condition’ is imperative to the notion of sustainable living and that any art-design intervention should be poetically right.

Currently, Casey is a Senior Lecturer with 3D Design Programmes, leading the curriculum development of an effective and sustainable architectural & spatial design and interdisciplinary arts education, which prepares students to address complex environmental challenges.