Teaching Staff

NAFA is committed to achieving excellence in our teaching. Our faculty consists of eminent national artists and renowned international specialists who are engaged in innovative curriculum and contemporary art practice. Their expertise and dedication inspire NAFA students to pursue their passion in the arts and develop into artists who become leaders in their chosen fields.

  • Dr. Ernest Lim
    Dr. Ernest Lim

    Dean, School of Music

  • Ho Hui May
    Ho Hui May

    Dean, Office of Academic Affairs

  • Jerry Soo Tah Keng
    Jerry Soo Tah Keng

    Vice President, Academic

  • Lim Yau
    Lim Yau

    Artistic Director, School of Music

  • Richard J Adams
    Richard J Adams

    Dean, School of Arts Management, Dance & Theatre

  • Sabrina Long
    Sabrina Long

    Dean, School of Art & Design

  • Fang Yuan
    Fang Yuan

    Principal, School of Young Talents

  • Anthony Tan
    Anthony Tan

    Vice Dean, Fashion Studies Programme