Nefful x NAFA Fashion Discovery 2017

Nefful x NAFA Fashion Discovery 2017 is an exclusive collaboration between Nefful International and NAFA’s Fashion Studies programme, and also a first for Nefful with an arts institution in Singapore.

In January 2017, our students were introduced to Nefful’s patented fabric, NEORON®, and began to work on original designs intended for life-sized apparel production for long-term display at Nefful’s Singapore office. A total of 53 design ideas were put forth and six were eventually selected and made into life-sized apparels first showcased at Nefful’s annual anniversary event on 11 March 2017. The event was held at The Star Performing Arts Centre and attended by approximately 3,000 industry associates and partners.'

We are proud of the following students who came up with the winning designs:
Huang Shiyu
Kho Hui Wen Stacy
Viola Janet
Liu Jia Hao
Selly Tania Mulya
Tan Tze Beng

NEFFUL x NAFA Fashion Discovery 2017 has provided a platform for our talented students to showcase their creativities as well as allowed Nefful to discover the potentials of the NEORON® material through unique and original designs created by the aspiring young designers.


From left to right: Students Tan Tze Beng, Liu Jia Hao, Huang Shiyu, Viola Janet, Selly Tania Mulya and Kho Hui Wen Stacy at The Star Performing Arts Centre on 11 March 2017