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Benjamin Chee

BENJ-MARK, Director

Diploma in Theatre, 2008; BA (Hons) Creative Industry Management, 2013

Arts Management

Industry Experience

Working alongside some of the region’s top artistes and productions, Benjamin Chee has managed artistic projects of various scales, held at the Esplanade, the Singapore Indoor Stadium and Padang. He has executed the largest human Singapore flag of 13,000 (2011); managed the first ever Youth Olympics Flame Arrival Ceremony (2010) and sold-out concerts of Francis Yip (Hong Kong, 2010)), Fang Qiong (China, 2015) and Dick Lee (Singapore, 2011). He has represented artistes such as Julian Hee in the Men's Fashion Week (2011) and the Proclaimers (UK) at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix (2012).  Festival Manager to the first Singapore International Festival of Music (2015) and Assistant Festival Director to the first Peranakan Arts Festival (2015), Benjamin has also managed and worked with renowned groups like the Beijing Soul-Inspiring Dance Company with their renowned act - Thousand-hands Bodhisattva (千手观音), Taiwan’s Chiuko Traditional Orchestra (九歌民族管弦乐团), one of Korea’s best - Kook Soo Ho Didim Dance Company, the Shanghai Music Conservatory, among others. His diverse experiences include projects in France, Hong Kong, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

In 2011, Benjamin set up his own company, Benj-mark to pursue unique and special projects of interests to express his creativity and explorations. Benj-mark has produced projects such as ‘Soul of Spain’, ‘Dance of my Life’ - a Brazilian film and several other Latin projects in collaborations with the Keppel Latin America Film Festival 2014, including the Venezuelan Film Festival 2015. The company’s portfolio also includes cultural projects for corporate companies like the AsiaMall Group, Foundation Jewelry and several others.

Currently, Benjamin heads the Spain-Singapore Connection (SSC) under the wing of the Embassy of Spain. The SSC works alongside education institutes to introduce and bridge Spanish language and cultures in their program. Annually, SSC participates in international celebrations such as El Dia del Libro (The Day of the Book), Global Community Day (Temasek Polytechnic Trans-National Studies) and International Friendship Day. Since 2013, SSC has been celebrating UNESCO World Book Day - collaborating with several organizations such as the National Library Board, British Council, Embassy of Spain, Ministry of Education Language Centre, Las Lilas & Latin America Chamber of Commerce.

Benjamin was in the fund-raising committee for Tan Tock Seng Hospital Patient Care Centre (TTSH PCC) in 2013 and 2015.

Academically, Benjamin attained First-class honours from the University of Essex in Creative Industry Management. His studies include Social Returns on Investments. He was interviewed for the White Papers: Asia's Most Innovative Cities 2013 (Solidiance). His research materials were also included in the same paper. Benjamin was researcher and co-author to ‘Art Hats in Renaissance City’ (2015) an anthology on the artistic development and cultural policies of Singapore.